Sandstone Tiles, Sandstone Blocks, Sandstone Slabs  


is actually a sedimentary rock formed by the consolidation and compaction of sand, which is held together by a natural cement, such as silica. Natural sandstone is an extremely hard and tough material. Sandstone is typically the youngest of the quartz-based stones, with each stone having a different level of porosity, hardness and compressive strength. Indian sandstone is suitable for domestic and commercial use.

Natural Sandstone is durable and has a high crushing tensile strength & a wide range of colors, compositions, textures, of grains, degree of cementation & layering. It is generally available in sandstone tiles, sandstone blocks, sandstone slabs etc. Non-slip natural sandstones, are usually meant for wall cladding and flooring because of their decorative outlook, but they can also be used for enhancing the beauty of both interiors as well as exteriors of your home. We are the Quality Indian Sandstones exporter of sandstone in the form of Sandstone slabs, Sandstone tiles.


York Yellow Sandstone Fossil sandstone Agra Red Sandstone Black Sandstone
York Yellow Fossil  Agra Red Black Sandstone 
Bansi Pink Sandstone  Modak Sandstone
Bansi Pink Teakwood Natural Beige (honed)  Modak Sandstone