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  Why Us

are one of the largest quarry owners of the Rajpura-Dabi (Dist: Bundi, Rajasthan) area with leases of about 93.2 hectares. This puts us in a position to be always stocked with enough ‘raw’. Also, we have ‘barter’ arrangements with other mine owners, thus making it possible to acquire the ‘raw’ in other qualities that may be of interest to our customers. With the legislation becoming stricter on mining activity, we are advantageously poised for a market where supply is bound to take a downward turn.

Similarly, when it comes to processing the stone to the size & shape required, we have an undeniable edge. In sandstone, the processing is essentially manual. We employ about 300 people for this purpose. To deal with uneducated skilled labor is a matter of experience and expertise. Unlike other businesses, production here cannot be hiked by dint of investment alone. Being locally based and having been in the business for so long, we are better primed when it comes to work force dealing & obtaining quality output.

We also take this opportunity to categorically aver that we employ no child labor.

Products :
Sensing the pulse of time, we are constantly innovating to render a new class and style to our products. We specialize in:

» Slate Stone                      » Natural Sandstone               » Natural Limestone           
» Pebble Stone                   » Stone Handicrafts                » Cobbles and Kerbs